Sunday, October 10, 2010

Freebie Kit Positive Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I made this kit to honor family members who have survived having Breast Cancer.

This is a mini kit with 21 elements and 5 papers in various shades of pink. Some of the elements are colorized and also have the template for them.

You can down load Positive Pink here.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Tutorial Pictures Fading From One to the Next

Fading Images One Into Another

This is the way I figured out how to do fading pics.
Any steps similar to other tutorials is purely coinsindental.
The pic of the young lady is my friends daugher and used
with her permission.

Supplies needed:
Paint Shop Pro I used version 9
Animation Shop
Pics or images that you want to use

Open psp and animation shop, minimize animation shop.
Open a new canvas, the size you want your animation to be.
I used a 300 x 300 transparent canvas for this animation.
Once the canvas is open, go to the top tool bar and click on
selection, click on select all. You will see the marching ants
around the edges of your blank canvas.

Open the pics or images that you want to use in the animation.
Minimize all but the blank canvas and the first pic that you want in the animation. Make the first pic the active canvas by clicking on it.
Go to the top tool bar, click on edit copy. You can now close this pic.
Click on the blank canvas, go to the top tool bar and click on edit paste
into selection. DO NOT DESELECT.

Go to the top tool bar, layers add a new raster layer, when it opens name it
pic 2 or what ever you want to call it and click ok. You should now have the background layer on the bottom, this is your first pic layer. Then you should have the layer you just added.

Open the second pic that you want to use and go edit copy, close this pic and click on the pic canvas, edit paste into selection. Add another layer as above. Open the third pic and repeat steps above from adding another layer to the pic canvas.

Once you have added all the pics and images you want in the animation,
click on the very bottom layer, to highlight it. Click on edit, copy, maximize animation shop, click on edit paste as new animation. Back to psp and click on the next layer going up, pic \, edit copy, back to animation shop, paste after current frame. Repeat this step until you have all the pics and imates pasted into animation shop.

Click on the first pic/image, this is the first frame. It will highlight it. Go to the top tool bar and click on effects, insert image transition. Click on the triangle and the drop down comes out. Scroll down to fade and click on that then click on ok. Click on the second frame and repeat this step. Do this for each frame. Once you have all the frames done. Click on view, animation. Your animation will open. If you like the way it looks, click on file save as, when it opens locate where you want to save it and click on save. Click ok to each thing it ask you.

Thanks, thats it. We're done. I hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial.